Sunday, May 31, 2015

Clouds are the devil

You cannot underestimate the importance of direct sunlight when chasing carp on the fly. Today, Teri, Ross and I stalked the flats of the big C with zero light. It was rough. Fish were caught, but when you can't see the fish week, getting any semblance of numbers on the board is tough. On the big C...inches make the difference between and eat, and an ignore. Despite the challenges, we all stuck some fish!

But really, who cares about numbers when the weather is warm and company is good. Fishing with Teri and Ross is always a pleasure. They are both expert anglers who are out there for one have fun! We enjoyed the little moments today, and it was fantastic.

Oh...and the "guide" even got a fish or two as well.



Sunday, May 24, 2015

Quick outing

I owe a big report on the trip with Cam, Wendy, Dan, Trevor and Travis...but I just haven't had time to write it. Too many things happening at work and home, will get something together soon.

Had to put up a few photos of today's outing though. Elia and I wet waded some river, and it was stupid fun. She fell in several times, the wind was up and water cold but Elia is a trooper. She just loves being out there, and isn't bothered but crap like cold water. She laughs, nets fish, fights fish, digs in the mud and is just a phenomenal companion.

She was soaked all day, and not one word of complaint. Instead, I got to hear her talk about all sorts of stuff, and come up with creative names like "fishfish" and "Mr. Fishy" as we landed carp after carp. No twenties today, one nice 18 lber but I laughed my ass off all day long.

We even got close enough for her to see a couple of eats, which she thought was really awesome. Fantastic day on the water with my little girl.



Sunday, May 17, 2015


Just off the river after four days. The fishing wasn't epic, but the company sure was! Cameron from The Riberglass Manifesto, Dan from Carp Pro, Wendy Berrell from Fishing and Yhinking in Minnesote and Trevor from FlyCarpin all descended on the river. Travis from Trashfishing and Funhogging joined as well. It was an all star crew, even with a hack like me along to bring down the overall skill level. More to come, but I wanted to post a quick thanks to all the boys and their families...what a great time!



Friday, May 08, 2015

The white whale

For over ten years I have been hunting for a 20+ lb mirror on the big C. I have seen exactly two caught, a 21 and a 23. I have hooked one myself, and lost it at my feet in one of the more heartbreaking moments I can recall while fishing the big C. Today, I found her...24 lbs to be exact. She was tailing on the edge of a gravel bar, perpendicular to me. Unfortunately there was a small fish between me and the mirror, and that little fish made a cast impossible. She was slightly in front of the tailing mirror, so any cast would have loved the small fish. I took a look around and realized my only angle was from the deep water. I waded out chest deep, and closed the distance to the mirror. Now I was directly behind her...not an ideal shot, but one I knew I could make. Remarkably...I didn't screw it up. The flies landed, I did a little drag and flip and the big mirror ate the hybrid like she had been waiting ten years for that fly. Remarkable moment, one I doubt I ever forget.

The rest of the day is a haze of takes...some big fish (4 over 20 on the day) and one stunning fully scaled mirror, but that one moment is all I can really think about right now. I have been looking for that fish for a long long time...the only thing better than the moment she ate was watching her swim away.



Sunday, May 03, 2015

So easy an 8 year old can do it


Sort of. JJ is a trooper, but putting a fly within 4 inches of a carp he can't really see is well beyond his current skills. Still, he makes a great net guy, and if I hook em, he is willing to wrangle them into submission for me.

We went big fish hunting today. This means you ignore sure bets, and work the edges, the in between, the forgotten water. You leave the flats and stumble through the cobble and climb amongst the rip rap. The climbing might just be JJ's favorite part. It worked. We stuck fish, and JJ had three fish on the line that I am positive were 20 plus, but a 20 plus in a boulder field is a bit much for any intrepid 8 year old and we lost all three. When I hooked the next beast, JJ stuck with the net and I steered the fish clear of obstructions and JJ somehow fit the 25 lb head into the net.

We hooked one more big one, 22 lbs, and this time we had some open water. JJ battled hard for several minutes, but succumbed to a smashed knuckle when the wily carp made for the far shore and the knob on the reel turned to a blur. He handed me the rod and went for the net was a total team effort.

I remember days with my dad from when I was a kid. Good days...days like today with my own son. Here is to many more.