Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009

It won't be long now boys and girls! This pretty little 22 lber was the first big fish of 2008, caught in Mid April. My hopes for an early season are waning with each weather report, but any way you look at it...days on the flats are just around the corner! Maybe I can find some slobs like this girl?

For the record, I saw a tailer on Sunday. It won't be long now!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ward's comment on a previous post prompted me to track down the "Headstand" fly. I found it here:


Great looking bug for carp. I tied up a few today, and actually REALLY like this in smaller sizes. I tied some 2x short size 10 hooks and I think they'll be perfect for days when the carp are spooky and you need to downsize. I experimented a bit with the peacock sword on a few...used some crystal flash and flashabou instead to add a little more shine to the fly. I think they'll be deadly! Now if the weather would warm up a bit, I'd go look for some targets.

I like all the different "carpy" elements to this fly. Peacock herl...check. Rubber legs...check. Dumbell eyes...check. Burnt orange color...check. A few more of these and my main flybox will be complete.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The flies from the Rocky Mountain Fly Swap are in! Fantastic job by all involved, especially BigTree who hosted the swap and created these fantastic tins. Really nice swap, some definate winners here!

For details, check out the Rocky Mountain Fly Swap.

Monday, March 02, 2009

My last few Monday evenings have been spent reorganizing flies while my wife and her friend Jen steal the TV away. I pulled all my flies out, moved marginal flies to another box and put some go to flies in my primary carp box for this spring. I'm pretty happy with the results. Here are a few pics, though these are just the reorganized flies...since these were taken I filled in the empty spaces with another dozen Montana Carrots and close to a dozen of the venerable SJWs. In addition, I whipped up not one, but two dozen flies for a fly swap in CO. My first set of flies got lost in the mail(thank you us postal service!) I should have some pictures of the fly swap up soon...can't wait to see the full results as there are some serious carp anglers in CO. They flat out know their stuff down there.

I think the river is still a few weeks away from any serious carping...but I am officially ready to go. I added a 9 ft 6 wt Echo 2 to my collection, primarily as a backup but with as sweet as this rod is, I'll find reasons to fish it!