Saturday, January 23, 2010

Oct. 18th...been a while. Unfortunately for me, that post is also the last time I touched a flyrod. I haven't had a glimmer of fishing opportunity since FL. I did put on my waders the other day and took the kids splashing around in the flooded basketball court. I guess it is a sign of age that I put on waders, and the kids were happy to just get wet.

Along with being away from rivers, rods, lakes, etc. I haven't tied a single fly. Very strange for me as fly tying is kind of like fishing without leaving the house. I supposed I'll bust out the vice pretty soon, my go to flies are getting low and I need to stalk up for a greatly anticipated spring season. Life has been busy out here.

Along with work keeping me in the office and on my phone a lot, Elia just turned 5, and JJ is becoming quite a little boy! Kelly and I are reminded daily of how lucky we are to have such enjoyable little people to be around...but the challenges are there too. I can't wait for spring, as I can see that this year it should be much more rewarding for JJ and Elia both to come to the river with me and fish. They love to be active, and this summer on the Columbia should be a lot of fun!

I'll get out fishing soon, probably a Feb. run to the big D for some tiny little nice to recharge my batteries and fish some Cane. For now, some more pics of the kids.