Friday, April 30, 2010

Very satisfied right now. The rough fisher, coming down off a high of a 15 lb Columbia river bruiser is plying his trade at the vice while I watch the lakers and thunder. Today, considering the conditions with which we are faced was fantastic. I landed 12-15 carp including a gift of a 16 lber that jp was kind enough to give me the first shot at. The rough fisher landed 4 and had some stellar takes. The fish were plentiful and in the shallows. Only the high winds kept us from sticking even more fish than we did.

More tomorrow. For now I am settling into the game and the rough fisher is halfway home on a monster can of high gravity.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tough day. The wind blew us off the river all day long. Nothing but whitecaps as far as the eye could see. Even when we did manage to duck out of the wind we were stymied by the lack of sunlight of any sort. Literally zero rays of sun touched any water free from massive whitecaps. Sunless, and hiding from the wind we found a spot where the water was shallow enough that the fish gave themselves away by tailing violently along the shoreline. The rough fisher put flies on tailing carp but it was the legendary Mr. P that hooked the first fish. He poached it from me but all is good in the carp game and us windblown warriors were thrilled to see that 15 lb beauty. A few minutes later the roughfisher stalked a massive tail waving amongst the gravel. The cast was true and he tightened up on a true Columbia river beast and it promptly broke him off. Bummer. I got into the game next by creeping like a ninja to get behind the only tree within three hundred yards. I peeked through the branches and made a 35 ft sidearm cast that put twenty feet of my flyline laying on the gravel bank. The rest of the line unfurled and dropped the sjw a few inches from the business end of a tailer. A few minutes later and Mr. P slid the 21 lb carp into net. We continued on and got more shots at tailing fish. It turned into a solid afternoon. Roughfisher hooked a second fish but it broke off as well. Tomorrow looks a little more promising and we hope to find the fish. And some sun.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fairly tough day today but we did get a few. My dad landed his first 20 lb fish! Pictures to come and the shit eating grin on his face will be worth the wait, I promise. I caught a 25 lber to close the day and trip too. Just a fantastic time fishing with Julio and dad. Truly a pleasure.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A few fish were caught today.

Julio = 4
Dad = 3
John = 1, and a broken rod.

But mine was the biggest (unless you count the one my dad snagged in the ass.)