Saturday, July 31, 2010

This little guy turned 4 today. Crazy.

Truth be told,many fish have been caught the past few weeks. I spent roughly three days fishing with my dad over two weekends, and snuck out of the office Friday for a stellar day with the legendary Dr. Cane. My memory card is full, I just haven't had time to download properly yet. Instead I have been dealing with the perfectly awesome dilemma of not having the time to tie the flies needed for the outings presented. Suffice it to say that the fishing has been good.

More to come.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Oh...and this guy:

35 ft away staring into a glare...they look just like carp. And they eat the green fly too.
I just put up a couple of quickie posts about what we've been doing the past few weeks. I made a couple of carp runs somewhere in there too, but the water was high and ugly and catching was minimal at best. I got out today with my dad and had much better results. By the end of the day the water was well on its way up to "high and muddy" again, but the mid afternoon provided some fantastic sight fishing. This little mirror charged forward 3 ft to eat the green fly before it even came close to hitting the bottom.

My big fish of the day, a 20 lber that made 3 attempts to eat a sinking worm, finally getting it right on the third try. I saw that all unfold and could literally see the red of the worm swirling around as the fish frantically chased it and sent it spinning away a couple of times in the mad rush. Awesome.

For the record, I caught more fish than my dad (by 3x!) but he got me in the big fish department. This beauty scaled out at 22 lbs...his biggest fly caught fish ever. What a beast!

We closed the day stalking down a shallow finger of water that was just loaded with small, aggressive carp. They just pounced on the green fly if you got it anywhere near the fish. Near the end of the finger the fish were buried in the grass tailing. My dad dapped one with about 10 inches of tippet hanging out the tip of his rod. After that, I clipped off my flies. No way were we going to top that take. By the way, he is still a stealthy bastard...look how close he got to this tailer! Not bad for an old man.

The Oregon Coast is the kind of place where getting skunked doesn't matter:

But I actually caught two of these. Surf fishing is tough.

My kids are pros: