Monday, August 25, 2014

Three Man Weave

Ross and I shared the bow of the boat, each with a flyrod in hand while Travis ran the motor. I spotted the mud cloud about 35 feet away...a nice tailing fish, busy. Ross dropped a hybrid just inches away but the fish soft spooked at the plop and started moving along the shoreline towards the boat. Ross fired off a second cast, but the hybrid didn't sink fast enough and the fish slowly cruised by. I timed it...looked at the fish, knew my rigs sink rate and made a leading cast perpendicular to the bank. I watched the intersect path, and saw my flies touch down inches in front of the slow moving carp. The carp approached, and slowed ever so slightly...I set the hook.

The carp blasted down the bank and then took a hard left, burying deep into the weeds, and the team jumps into action. Travis put the trolling motor on full and we shot off after the carp, while Ross dropped to his belly on the front deck and began ripping weeds out of the way with both hands. As he freed more and more fly line I reeled like mad to keep up, and Ross continued digging a trench through the weeds. The leader appeared and I dropped to a knee and hand lined the fish, pulling gently, trying to force the head towards the surface. As soon as Travis got a look at the body he made a stab with the net and scooped up a 19 lb carp and about 15 lbs of weeds. It was the fist fish of the day, carping is more than a spectator sport.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Carpocalypse...a few photos

If you haven't been to Carpocalypse, you need to change that. A good time is had, despite the fact that at times the carp are total jerks. But...if you risk it, and work, you could stick a 20 like Matt Simms.

But these are still carp, so you need to bring your "A" game...if you don't you may cause a stampede.

But when it comes together, it is all smiles! Tom stuck a nice 14 lber on Sunday, an incredible take at distance..."A" game indeed.

Fortunately, we have what can best be described as a "target rich" environment.


With that many fish around, we can all find a little love.


Even if you end up cursing some by catch.


Thanks Orvis and Costa! What a great event.


Monday, August 11, 2014

Orvis Carpocalypse in bursts


The absolute silence that fell on the room as Adam announced the winner of the Costa 580 glass shades.

Adam and I screaming like 15 year old girls at the sight of a pop star when we saw a big white bucket open under water to eat Tom's fly. I think we startled him into setting the hook.

Spectator fishing. As Tom's (yet another) perfect cast settled on the water I watched the fish tilt, and flash some mouth at us. "Boom" I uttered under my breath as Tom set the hook on a nice 14 lber.

So many variations of the hybrid.

Travis getting out of the car at the first stop Saturday morning...and offering everyone a beer. Now that guy is a carper.

My phone buzzing with a text on Sunday morning...a photo of a monstrous 20 lb carp Matt Simms had just released...I whooped for joy miles away from him.

Watching a clearly exhausted Larry trudging back to the car after I drug him all over the river throughout the day. Suddenly his shoulders perked up, his head lifted, he made a short sharp cast and slammed home a hook set. No one could hear his reel shriek over our own cheering.

Laughing, as Terri quickly laid claim to the Orvis swag her husband Ross won.

Laughing even harder as Ross took the Helios 2 from Adams hands and walked back to his seat smiling. Good thing Terri already has one!

Giving out hybrids Saturday flies for you Kidwell!

Rob getting carp blocked by a 3 lb bass...and being genuinely upset about it.

102 degree heat. Mud flats and gravel bars. Tailers and sunners and cruisers.

Standing two rod lengths from a 30 lb fish and not casting because I really wanted Adam to see that fish. Had it been tailing I would have shown him a closer view.

Drinking a half bottle of Gatorade that had been in the car all day, and nearly burning my tongue.

Spotting a carp from the tracks as a train approached. Adam dove one way, I dove toward the carp. I used the train as cover and stumbled down the rip rap, scaring two people who had beached a boat on the sand and were sitting in chairs in the water enjoying the day. I crept toward them in a ninja crouch, covered in long sleeves, gloves and a face mask...rod in hand like a weapon. Suddenly I flipped a fly forward and as the train passed I hooked a carp. It exploded in the water, leaping and ripping off the flats. The people went from scared to interested, whooping and clapping as Adam reappeared on the tracks above. I casually released the carp and walk past their little oasis.

"Was that a carp." The guy asks...

"Yep" I say...and add "I bet you don't see that everyday" and Adam and I hiked the two miles back to our car.

Only at Carpocalypse. Thank you Orvis and Costa!