Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A few pictures of the Deschutes River. The first one is a beautiful redside taken on a copper john in December. The second image is of a gravel bar with some spawning fish. If you look closely you'll spot a few fish. Every year we need to be careful of spawners. Avoid these types of areas and do not harass these fish! Let them do their thing and we'll have better fishing for it. The third picture is of me chasing a steelhead downriver. I had hooked this fish on a 4 wt rod trout fishing, and foolishly thought I could keep up. Shortly after this picture was taken, I fell in, and quickly lost the footrace! The Deschutes is a special place!


Wendy Berrell said...

Browns spawn in the fall, so we have to watch for redds in the winter... but I think rainbows spawn in the spring, right?

John Montana said...

yep...when you are here in june we'll still be able to find some redds.