Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Mr. P on the flyfishing forum of Carp Anglers Group has a tag line on the end of his signature that reads:

"The take is the premier moment."

Apt words from a man who clearly knows his fishing, but more importantly, the correlation between life and fishing. I'm fortunate to find my peace with a rod and reel, but I also see it daily now watching Kelly beam at Elia when she learns to put quarters into her piggy bank. Each day brings more moments like these and though I probably don't say it enough...I savor every one. I know Mr. P refers to those moments where everything just rushes together to form that perfect instant. It can be found watching a trout rise to a dry fly, or a carp slowly tilt down to inspect your hare's ear. But as Mr. P reminds us, these perfect moments are around us everday...the trick is to simply look for them. In the hectic worlds of our everyday lives, it is these perfect moments that make everything worth while.

More from Mr. P:

"JB Montana, after considerable thought, I wrote in my fishing journal way back in the early 80's that "the take is the premier moment." I compared it to many other parts of the overall fishing experience and decided it was the best. I wrote that anticipation (for all parts of the experience) was second. I submit that in all of life, "the take is the premier moment." In the rest of life I so much DO NOT mean "the take" in terms of tricking someone like we trick fish with our offerings. I mean when your intentions are honorable and a girl who has caught your eye says she'll go out with you. I mean when you apply for a job and you get it. I mean when your young son or daughter beams when you walk in the door and says, "Hi Daddy or Hi Mommy". I mean when you deliver a speech and the response of the audience exceeds your expectations. I mean in the classroom when a student's eye's are a little brighter or his/her back is a little straighter because he/she has grown in skills and confidence. That's the take baby, oh hell yes that's the take! I mean when that pretty girl says yes when you ask her to marry you. I mean when your teenage daughter has an identity of her own and you marvel at who she has become. I mean when you plan a project that has never been done and you have to elicit cooperation and support from a wide range of stakeholders and the darn thing works. I mean when you take a chance on yourself, yes yourself, and you are successful. It's all "the take" and in all of life it is the premier moment. "

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