Saturday, September 16, 2006

I can't help but feeling like we are almost out of time here on the west coast. Carping is getting tougher daily, as the weather cools and the fish get more sluggish. This morning was cool, overcast, even a bit foggy. Elia and I headed out to the only spot that I KNEW we would see fish, and met my friend David out there. David walked up as I was fighting my first (and last) fish of the day, a little 5 lber that pounced on a maroon hairs ear dropped in amongst the rocks. I had spotted the fish working in and out of some good sized rocks, and got him to take on the first cast. Just a few minutes later David made a great presentation to another tailer, and the fish actually came up through the water column to take his black fly. His results are pictured here! Elia didn't want to be in the backpack today, so I quit fishing and just walked along with David. We did spot a few more great fish in really good spots, but they simply wouldn't eat. It was good to get out with David, I hadn't seen him in a while, and he has truly turned into a carp nut! I met David by chance on his first foray into carping, and we spent the day together talking fish and having a good time. Since then, he has become an expert on OR carp, and joins the limited ranks of the few of us crazy enough to chase these fish while others are out standing in a river swinging flies and waiting for a steelhead to hook itself! I say that now, but Coho season is here, and hopefully soon I'll have some nice salmon pictures to put up on the blog.

Thanks again David!


Anonymous said...

I used to dread the "end" of the season here on the Upper Sacrmento, but then Chris Raine went and got the river opened year round (C&R only in the "off" season).

Now there's at least the possibility of fly fishing in the winter. Two years ago the winter BWO hatches were exceptional (as was the fishing).

Last year, it was awful.

Do Carp stop eating in the cold water?

John Montana said...

they slow way down when it gets cold. I have caught a carp each month (except decmeber)since i started fishing for them last may. it got tough in Nov, Dec, Jan, and February. I had to time it right and catch some sun in order to find feeding fish. we'll see how it goes this year!

some good stuff on the underground lately...great work!

Shane said...

Dang! Carlos Santana is a carp fly fisherman? Who would have thought that?