Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I took Elia out in the backpack on Saturday. Conditions were poor, but what the heck. Water was way higher than the last time I hit this pond, and the visibility was about 3 inches. The water was so high that all the spots I normally see feeding fish revealed nothing...nothing that I could see anyway. The good news was that the high water had turned a normally dry mud bank into a 2 foot deep perfect flat, but again, the visibility killed me. I snuck around the edges, and hooked two fish by spotting their bubble trails. Both fish were hooked on a mega-prince nymph with rubber legs. The first fish was this little 4-5 lber.

The second fish felt better, but popped off quickly...I was fishing primarily by feel (casting at the bubbles) and I think I was late with the hook set. I did see one nice fish that was so tight to the bank that I had a good view of him. He turned on my fly from a rod length away and i set the hook, but he wasnt' there. So it goes!

Getting tougher with the cooler water...I may have to put up the Carp rod and actually chase some steelhead, trout or salmon!


Wendy Berrell said...

I might have to try that #4 prince. I also need to get one of those fancy nets.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff! Really enjoy your blog. Carp can be family friendly too!

John Montana said...

It is a nice fly, J. I bought a couple, lots of rubber legs all over it. A little farther down the page here you can see one sticking out of the mouth of a carp I caught.

Thanks Sebastian...I plan on checking out that book your co-wrote. It looks interesting!