Saturday, May 12, 2007

I'd like to lay claim to the picture above, but not only did I not take that picture, it isn't even my fish. Kim (KB) and I met up this morning in search of some carp. I brought JJ along in the backpack, but had barely gotten halfway around the pond when a work issue popped up and I had to take off. I had thought I had the issue handled the night before and the morning, but there is nothing like having a trucking company lie to you for 5 straight hours. By the time I really knew what was going on, I needed to be near a better phone than my cell phone! Sorry to bail on you like that Kim!

As you can see, Kim had a great day! He caught two fish, with this nice 10 lber being the biggest. Kim also said he had a 20 lb fish jump out of the water and look at him, not once...but twice. Must have liked what it saw!

I'll get out next week and make up for some lost time. Way to go Kim!

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