Saturday, June 16, 2007

Just a few quick pictures below. I have not had the time to write up a full report about the two days spent fishing with Justin in MN, but as always...we had a great time. I somehow managed to break not only my albright exs 7 wt, but Justin's 7 wt Redington Wayfarer. Carp are tough. We caught many fish, had lots of laughs, and got some great video. I'll try to get a more detailed report up when I can, but I just want to say thanks to my good friend. I look forward to this trip every year, and no matter what the conditions are like or whether the fish are biting...we put together a winner.

Check out Fishing and thinking in Minnesota for a more detailed report.

I stole this last picture right off of Justin's blog...It was so cool I had to post it again. None of these fish were thinking of eating, but what an amazing sight!


Anonymous said...

You broke not one, but two 7wts?

What are they making those things out of nowadays?

John Montana said...

I broke an Albright EXS near the tip, and a Reddington Warefarer a bit farther down. I had just gotten that Albright back after breaking it on a carp about 6 weeks ago.

There is a reason I don't fish my cane rods for carp!

Wendy Berrell said...

.Great shots - thanks for posting them.

I think about our spring trips all the time, and I really look forward to them. I wish this one could have been longer, but two days is pretty darn good given our situations. I think we had a great time... saw MANY fish, and caught quite a few of them... but left a lot of spawning fish unpricked.

I love fishing with you - wish we could get out more.

PS: the broken Redington hits the mail tomorrow... I am pretty impressed - a company that is out of business maintains warranty service.