Sunday, August 26, 2007

What a great weekend with my parents and Elia. We stayed in their new RV and dad and I did some carp fishing, while my mom entertained Elia. My daughter was a trooper on the drive to and from the RV. She read books the entire way and she loved hanging out in the trailer. Elia really enjoyed herself this weekend, and is sleeping soundly right now!

The carp fishing was great. It was really windy both days, but that just pushed the fish to the shore. I landed over 20 fish Saturday, and another 10 or so this morning. My dad caught fish both days, but not quite in the same numbers. I spent some time farther downriver than he felt like walking, and was rewarded with some great carping situations. Big fish for the trip was 18-20 absolute pig I landed with a san juan worm on a 40 ft cast. I got the fly close, the fish tipped up and when I lifted the rod the fight was on! I saw my backing so many times that it now has a tan line. A truly special weekend fishing with my dad and watching my daughter play with both of my parents. Here are a few pictures.

This was a double the "old fashioned" way. My dad hooked the fish on the left and while he was fighting it I spotted the fish on the right. His fish weighed about 7 lbs, mine was just under 12. I nearly had a very unique double Saturday. I hooked a great fish on a long cast with crayfish. I fought the fish in and he bottomed out my 14 lb scale (probably about 16 lbs). I removed the fly and turned to walk to shore to get a picture when I spotted another big fish just 20 feet away! I clipped the net with the big fish still hanging half out of it to my belt and started casting at the fish nearby in the shallows. My plan was to hook and beach that second fish and take a picture of a single double! Of course, I blew a cast and spooked the one still in the water, and when I reached for my net, the big boy had slipped loose. So it goes...plenty of targets in the water this weekend!

All along the bank you could spot nice tailing fish like this one.

And if you could find waves breaking over a gravel bar, the carp were stacked up feeding on the lee side. I'm still surprised I took the time to snap this picture before casting into that feeding frenzy.

A nice 12 lb fish from this morning. We hooked some big fish this weekend.

My dad with a nice carp. He took to carping with no problem...he was spotting, casting and hooking fish all week long.

This one didn't quite bottom out my scale!

My dad working a flat. The wind was a blessing and a curse. Today was a bit windier than I would have liked, but we still managed to catch some fish.

The worm was deadly all weekend.

Great weekend! I'll get some pictures of Elia and the grandparents up tomorrow. We all had a great time!


Wendy Berrell said...

Great photos. It looks like it was really windy. Wind seems to make it difficult to spot carp - you must have had your eyes on all day. I have been pretty spoiled with high vantage points and calm water... that has its spotting challenges too, but I think it's generally easier than fishing a flat in high wind.

Looks like your dad had a great time - really glad to see that you were able to get out with him.

Count yourself fortunate to have that time to get out man... I've got no carping in my immediate future.

What a banner trip...

John Montana said...

the wind isn't too bad. that water is generally really clear. when the wind kicks the sand flat gets a bit murky, but the fish stand out surprisingly well. when fishing the gravel area even in the wind you can see well. the pictures i took of fish in the water don't tell the tale...they are much easier to see. you can clearly tell which fish are mirrors/commons. i actually prefer a pretty good breeze as the fish cluster near the breaking waves or behind gravel bars to feed in really shallow water. plus they are not nearly as calm conditions, you have to make much longer casts.

great spot...i can't wait to take you out there sometime.