Friday, July 04, 2008

JJ wanted to catch a carp today. He kept telling me..."Catch a carp, Yes!" Hard to resist that so Elia, JJ and I headed out. Unfortunately we did not bring one to hand, but we did spend some quality time walking around a couple of ponds. I hooked up twice, with one take being so perfect I almost couldn't believe it. The fish had 1/3 of his body out of the water, working the bottom of the shallows. I crept up, hid behind a tree with a kid clinging to each leg and dropped a carp wooley to the side of the carp's head. The second the fly touched down, the fish leapt sideways and ate it. I set up well on him, but he ran through several loose branches floating in the shallows. While untangling all of the tree limbs, he ended up getting loose.

Another highlight of the day was the running commentary from Elia. She made it clear that I need to be watching for 4 things: Frogs, Turtles, Carp and Golden Dorado. We saw two out of four. In addition to that laundry list, I was treated to a 20 minute story about the big carp she caught Tuesday. Apparently the big fish shook so hard when she picked him up he knocked her in the water. She caught him anyway, and took him home and put him in a big bottle with water in it so he could swim around. It seems the fish is at Elia's house...not my house. Near as I can tell Elia has a house a few blocks away.

All in all...a nice morning.

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Anonymous said...

Chip off the Ol' Block eh? Coming up with a story about wrestling a big carp and all that? I wonder where she gets these fanciful thoughts? You know, the ones with unverifying pictures!!!
The Reel John Montana