Thursday, August 28, 2008

So last Saturday, while I was out having a grand time chasing carp my friend David was on the same mission, different water. The first thing I did when getting back to the car was grab my cell phone to call him and tell him about the 30 lber. I picked it up, and saw he had left me a voice mail. The voice mail was 2 words. "27 lbs!" A pretty simple message, so I called him up and congratulated him on this beast of a carp her had landed earlier that day. David asked how I had done, and I gleefully told him i had finally broken 30! We laughed a bit, tiny portion of fisherman's competition rearing its head but honestly, we were both thrilled that we had found some big fish. This 27 lb brute is the biggest fish David has caught on a flyrod! He has been fishing with me, and patiently learning some big fish water for the last two years, so it was great to see it pay off for both of us on the same day.

Great fish David!


Unknown said...

Another beast. I need to get my fool ass over to OR so you can put me on to some of those rod breaking Columbia buglemouths.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to David! I am still looking for the 20 pounder. Next year....I'll be back...The Reel John Montana

John Montana said...

One nice thing about OR is that while we do find the occasional monster like these last two (we see a lot of them actually)...the conditions and methods are the best part. Shallow, clear water with a firm bottom allowing for perfect sight fishing opportunities. It really is a great fishery.