Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The long awaited OR trip...Wendy Berrell and his brother JOe showed up in OR on Wednesday night for 4 solid days of chasing carp. There was never even a discussion of finding colder water fish, instead we did nothing but chase big, warmwater goldfish. Many words are needed to describe this 4 day event, but for now, a few highlights followed by some pictures.

48 hours on the water.

A triple.

A momentary quadruple.

Visual memories.

Dirty backing.

Carp carrot...carp carrot...carp carrot.

800 total pounds of carp.

Is it wrong that I'm ready to go fishing again already?

Get the picture?


Anonymous said...

slobs. dirty dirty slobs. you guys are nasty.

I'm jealous.

John Madert said...

Wholey Moley !!

Anonymous said...

Nice work Montana, looks like three guys having four awesome days. Great photo's, I'm looking forward to more.

Paul Huffman said...

Some of those pics with willows in the background looked like Lake C. It was great today fishing the mulberry hatch.

David McKenzie said...

Very Nice!

"Is it wrong that I'm ready to go fishing again already?" No

Wendy Berrell said...

Thanks for a solid trip. Love fishing with you out there. Already looking forward to 2010 and beyond.

Royce Gracie said...

Jon, thanks for the great experience.

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