Monday, May 31, 2010

Uh...yeah. It was a good trip:

For comparison:
VanDam wins 2010 Bassmaster Classic at Lay Lake
VanDam, who caught two of the three largest bags in the three-day tournament Feb. 21, captured the title after reeling in five bass weighing a total of 19 pounds and 7 ounces on the final day of fishing.

Our five fish bag came in at 104 lbs. Tired arms baby!



Jim Pankiewicz said...

What a nice Mirror!

Royce Gracie said...

Nice mirror WB.

John Montana said...

Massive mirror...we were thrilled. Wendy stuck him in shallow water and it leaped way up in the air almost immediately. I only caught a glimpse. Wendy walks over to me and says "you are going to like this fish." What a beast!