Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day One

Wendy Berrell and WFF landed yesterday for four days of carping. Four days on the river with a couple of good dudes. Pretty tough to beat so a big thanks to Kelly, Emily and Liz! Day one ended and despite horrid river conditions, we did pretty well. The big C is pretty big right now and so murky we were afraid to even get in the water. We hit a few ponds and worked our way into some fish despite less than ideal water. WFF landed his first ever Oregon carp, a 14 lb bruiser that put a smile on all of our faces. Wendy hooked the "biggest f'ing carp you've ever seen!" (he screamed that into the camera...awesome video) and I managed a few fish myself. All told, 16 fish landed for just over 176 lbs in total weight. No monsters brought to hand yet, though we all had our chances.

More of the same tomorrow.


Pat Cohen said...

sounds like a great day out...I'm hoping for some carpin this week myself...keep on rocking

testflycarpin said...

Way to overcome! Mother nature seems to have thrown the whole fly fishing for carp nation allot of curveballs this spring. Seems like you are working it out at least a little.