Sunday, October 16, 2011

No go today

I actually got in the jeep, drove as far as the nearest Starbucks and instead of grabbing coffee and hitting the road, I sat in the parking lot for a few minutes and listened to the radio. Then I drove home and put all of my gear away. Truth be told, I just wanted to hang with the kids and wife. So I did. We ran errands and dinked around the house. I gave both kids baths and carried JJ around on my shoulders. It was a nice day. No fishing, no fly shops.

But, since this is (technically) a fly fishing are some bass from a few weeks ago. It has to be said...bass are dumb. I fished in the pouring rain with wooly buggers and goofy looking flies and caught a ton of these little suckers. I had one bigger (15 inches?) bass leap and throw the hook, but for the most part all I caught were these little guys. Neat water though...small stream, wadeable, and all the bass were in the tailouts. Pretty neat tromping around a river, flinging flies and catching bass. I plan to do more of this next year now that the kids are relatively proficient with their ultralight spinning rods. The best part of this day...I got hammered by rain. It was awesome. When a guy is geared up properly, waders and jacket on, layers done just in the rain rocks.


Unknown said...

Agreed. Fishing in the rain does totally rock. So do bass on the fly!

e.m.b. said...

Just hanging sounds grand. :)

Ty said...

Good on ya, John. The fish will wait.