Saturday, January 28, 2012

River City Flyshop

 A man without a fly shop is like...Well, I can't think of anything.  I suck at analogies.  But I can say that I would be lost without the boys at River City.  Don, Pete and the crew are great guys and I do my best to spend my fly fishing cash at his shop whenever possible.  Like all great shops, it is the kind of place you can pop into and talk fishing, tie some flies and tell some lies.  My kind of joint...and they put up with my carp fetish well.  Don cut me a sweet deal on some dumbell eyes in bulk this year.  A set of 100 will be winging to Wendy Berrell shortly, and the carp of lake MI should be quaking in their boots.  We intend to lay the smack down this spring and with Don's help we will be locked and loaded this time around. Dumbell eyes and rabbit strips...a deadly combination.

If you are in the area, you really need to go see River City Fly Shop.  When is the last time you had to argue with the guy behind the counter because he was not charging ENOUGH for what you were buying?  Happened to me today.  

Long live the local fly shop!



testflycarpin said...

How many freaking flies are you guys tying for MI!!!!!?????

John Montana said...

I believe in overkill.

Mark said...

Gotta love River City. It's been about two months since I"ve been in there now though (too long, but I've been busy with non-fishy stuff). I think the last time I was in was when I was switching out my Wright & McGill S-curve because of a ferrule issue. Don just swapped out rods without any hassle.

I've got to get in there before trout season opens back up in teh valley - I'm going to pick up another reel for the little rod, and a WF3 line for it. Still need to get a "proper" line for my switch rod also.

Ty said...

Amen to that. Nothing beats a good local shop. One of ours here just closed and the other hasn't been open for a month. Bummer.

Wendy Berrell said...

Was dropping various combinations of DB eyes and zonker strips in a foot of water tonight; watching saturation and then sink rates.