Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day three

You cannot underestimate the importance of direct sunlight when carp fishing. Today, we had none. Still, Wendy and I are nothing if not persistent so we walked along looking for tails breaking the surface, and we put the stalk on some fish. Tough, but rewarding fishing. We learned a couple of things. First, you can "one hand" a 20 lb just isn't easy.

Second, in tough conditions, it is less about the fish, and more about the experience surrounding the fish. We will remember some very specific incidences from today.

And third, I don't swear as nearly as much as Wendy.


For those keeping score, that is video of the hook set on two 20 lb fish.

Praying for sun tonight.


Anonymous said...

Great fish john. Is the direct sunlight a function of your visibility, or do you think it puts the fish on the feed?

John Montana said...

Visibility. With the type of cloud cover we had yesterday we literally couldn't see more than a foot or two in front of us. E fished to tail and swirls and nervous water. Very tough!

Gregg said...

Very nice, heard of a storm with lightning near you. Actually used to poor visibility but as a Portlander so are you. Very pretty fish! Appreciated the mature hooking response as well.


testflycarpin said...

Dang man. It doesn't sound like it is going half bad, I can't imagine the whooping you guys would be laying down with a little sun.