Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fly Swap flies!

Another bad ass swap run by Fly-Carpin! Big thanks to Trevor for handling the 600 plus (!!!) flies. Thanks to Orvis for supplying the boxes, and In The Riffle, Trouts, and of course Carp-pro! This was an awesome group of tiers, and if you see a pattern of interest, head to the Carp-pro forum. They set up a special forum with pictures of the flies...ask for recipes etc. Click here to check it out!

Thanks to all the tiers! What a great set of flies!



David Romanillos said...

Great Carp flies, congratulations.

Gregg said...

Agreed on all acounts. Can't wait to see what I recieved. Pretty stuff out there.


Carp Aficionado said...

Trevor is the Man. Best swap I've ever been a part of by far.

Feather Chucker said...

Nice collection. That scuplin pattern is badass. I think that was definitely the most expensive fly.