Sunday, March 31, 2013

Almost time

Quick weekend were caught.

The hybrid was king.

The river was cold.

But the fish are starting to come in. Mostly little guys (that first fish was 17...nothing else came close). I whined a little bit as we broke down our rods and David looked at me funny and pointed that a) it is march, and b) it was 75 degrees out, and c) we caught about 13-14 fish between us. Always good to have a fishing partner that can fish, is a bad ass with a camera, and keeps shit in perspective. Thanks for a good day David.


Zach Janssen said...

So jealous... Warmer weather should arrive here shortly! You seem to catch some pretty large numbers!

Gregg said...

Never have come close to double digit fish days. Not really jealous but pleased you have what you have. Our Snake R. Does not have that clarity until late summer as aquatic vegetation grows, lucky you. Be super glad you are where you are for carp. Nice work~!

Carp Aficionado said...

Almost time? Looks like it is time to me. Very nice.