Saturday, April 13, 2013

Upcoming items

2013 is officially the year of the carp...lots of things going on with upcoming tournaments, events, and some big news coming soon from Orvis. It is going to be a fantastic spring and summer. Two things coming up on my end worth mentioning.

First, on April 27 I will be at the Orvis store in Bridgeport Village (Portland) to talk water, technique, flies and carp. The presentation starts at 1100 and I hope to see a good turnout, these things are a lot more fun when there are tons of questions.

Second, on May 14th the Fly Fishers Club of Oregon is holding their 2013 dinner and auction. Proceeds go to the Native Fish Society, a great cause. One of the items up for auction is a day of carp fishing with me on June 1st. I don't claim to be a guide, a decent teacher, or even very good with that ringing endorsement I hope you attend and bid away for the Native Fish Society! I can promise to do my best to put the winner on some nice carp.

Spring is here!




Unknown said...

Hi John,
I am looking forward to your event at Orvis, planning to stop by. I also appreciate your plug for the Fly Fishers Club of Oregon, they are excited about your donation. It will be a great day of carping with you and I plan to provide an extraordinary lunch for all.

Carp on,

Teri Beatty

cofisher said...

John, if I wasn't so far away I'd be there in a heartbeat. Instead I'll send my heartiest thanks for helping me that there is more than one right way to fish.

John Montana said...

Wish you could be there Howard, be nice to meet you!

Looking forward to meeting you too Terri...glad to do something for your club and the Native fish society!

Unknown said...

Great, it's on the calendar!

David Romanillos said...

Thank you for this information.