Saturday, February 22, 2014

Suck it Winter...2014

Last time I had a fly rod in hand was October. The long, cold winter, combined with a nasty shoulder injury has kept me on the sidelines, but I busted out in a big way today. The sun was out, so I took a gamble on a spot I know that usually has the first active fish of the year. They were there...a crapload of carp filled the shallows. A few were tailing, but most seemed to just be sitting there in the cold water, soaking up the rays in the shallows, bellies resting on the warm bottom. I was elated to just see some targets, but it didn't take me long to gear up and have at em.

The first fish I took a shot at was tailing. I made a short cast, dragged and dropped a hybrid (tied with Cohan hare line carp dub) within a few inches and the fish SLOWLY turned its head to eat. I set the hook prepared for reel screaming run, but instead the rod bent double, the fish rolled to the surface and just laid there. I dragged it in, took out the fly and cast at the next target.

Finding targets was easy. There were fish everywhere. In some cases I didn't have to move between releasing a fish, and casting at another. The only downside...the fish had no zip. The water was really cold, and their metabolism just hadn't fired up. I caught tons of carp, but none of them really fought. They could rouse enough energy to eat a fly two to three inches away, but that was all they had today. Still early, but just seeing so many takes felt great.

I think it is going to be a fantastic year!



Gregg said...

I remember seeing a similar early season picture last year. I almost never have seen something like that, despite the lethargic cold fish, I'd take it any day. So, my first is yet to come but you have the start of a banner year.


shane said...

Awesome stuff John! Our fish in Eastern Idaho were a bit lethargic this week too. Never saw my backing but they definitely didn't just roll around after they were hooked. I think the spring water gives them a bit more energy, even if its only in the low 50's. Here's to hoping for more success in the early season!

CARF said...

Sweet stuff, man! First outing since October, and you hook up...I'd call that a great success! Sucks that they're lethargic, because, of water temps. Still awesome in my book!

Atlas said...

Great job! I can't wait to hook into my first carp of the year! Still waiting for ice out here.

Paul Huffman said...

It's been so cold I had to fish for steelhead Nov. - Feb. Did well.

Unknown said...

It's good to feel my carp-blood pumping again. We're still about 6 weeks out (-20 today after wind chill), but I've got new wader boots and fresh line coming in the mail. Going to be looking for ultra chenille, too, to lash up some Hybrids. Thanks for great work.

Wendy Berrell said...

Way to get out in Feb. Well done and great pics.

Unknown said...

How big a fish!Equip yourself with massive fly rod.

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