Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Tight

My buddy Justin once wrote, "I appreciate the generosity of my friends." This is a sentiment I hold dear as well, but the amazing thing is the more you get out there in the world, the more you realize just how generous the world really. I appreciate the generosity of my friends, and am often astounded by the generosity of strangers.

Never more true than today. Faced with an unfortunate schedule that cost me a weekend at home with my family, Kurt from A Tight Loop stepped in and made what could have been a tough day a joy. Kurt graciously arranged to take me and my friend from work, Danny, down a local smallmouth river. We had a great day. Unbelievable conpany, a beautiful river and resource just outside of Chicago, and plenty of feisty smallmouth to hand. It was a real pleasure to fish with Kurt and Danny, and I am still amazed at the time he spent and how hard he works to make sure we had a good time. Did I mention there were bbqed brats at the riverside? And homemade beer? was that kind of day.

Off tomorrow to fish with Austin Adduci of Grab Your Fly Charters. Kurt and Austin are friends, and if can't believe my luck at getting to hook up with the two of them this weekend. Cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings...resting fine after a beautiful day today.


Huge thanks Kurt! Danny and I had a great time, can't wait to return the favor in OR!



Wendy Berrell said...

Cool to see another river in another place. Glad you got to float.

Unknown said...

I had a great day with you guys as well, can't wait to head west to try my hand at your carp.

Unknown said...

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