Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Social Media

I know the blog has been quiet this year. Simply put, time is an issue. It takes time to blog, so regrettably, social media has sort of become a much bigger outlet. It is awfully easy to post a picture on Instagram, say a few words and then interact via comments and direct messages. I have to admit, I dig Instagram. It is just way easier to interact with other carpers than through comments on a blog. I promise to write more this winter...I actually have a list of ideas jotted down, and quite a few single fish that I caught, or screwed up, have stuck in my head this season and will probably make it to the blog. It was a great year, not ready to officially call it as I plan to get out again, but it feels like the season is nearly over. I have at least one day in CO with the legendary McTage from Fly-Carpin coming up...can't wait to see his home water!

So until time allows more, check out #carponthefly on Instagram. There are over 11,000 photos under that it safe to say that catching carp on the fly is now mainstream?




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Unknown said...

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