Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The annual ACC/Big 10 challenge came to an end tonight, with the ACC dominating for the 8th straight year. The final tally was 8 games to 3...that's right, 3 wins for the mighty Big 10. Despite the total dominance by the ACC, I think this year's National Champion will come from the Big 10. I watched the entire UNC/OSU game tonight, and the Buckeyes are for real. They have great athleticism and guard play and they are absolutely fearless. They attack the basket, shoot the three and in general fly all over the floor with reckless abandon. Really a fun team to watch, and on a neutral floor this game could have gone either way. The kicker...Greg Oden is still on the sidelines for OSU. Once Oden gets back OSU is a real threat. Oden is a special interior player and will dominate games defensively. His offense might not be there but after what I saw tonight offense won't be a problem for OSU. Watch out for the Buckeyes.

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Wendy Berrell said...

Surprised to hear you say that about the Buckeyes. From what I hear, Oden will play only one year... like OJ at USC, right?

I wish I could watch some college basketball.