Monday, December 18, 2006

It has been a few weeks since my last post, just a lot going on at the office and home. Unfortunately, very little fishing. I did get out with Elia once, and saw no carp at any of my go to spots. It will be tough until spring on the carping front. I'll probably spend a day fishing this weekend, and take out the new FJ. I managed to sell the Outback Wednesday, and my FJ showed up Friday! Pretty good timing. So far I love the vehicle, and can't wait to get it out in some fishing situations!


Anonymous said...

Be sure to post how the new FJ works out. They look cool, without a doubt. I seriously considered one myself.

John Montana said...

loving it so far. it is really fun to drive, and more spacious than you would imagine. i have a car seat in the back for elia, and the suicide doors make it really easy to get her in an out.

will try a fishing trip with it this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Nice rig.