Sunday, February 20, 2011

Random vacation pics

Some random pics from a fine time in Kauai. Highlights included much snorkeling with the kids, excellent food at a luau (plus some really cool fire dancing), stunning scenery and many laughs with kids and family. More fish pics to come later.

We spotted many creatures while snorkeling, including both trivially and a few bonefish. I saw one big monster bone that must have been close to double digits. Amazing what we ran across just swimming around.

Both kids were troupers. Eli a is a fish and quite simply darted around wherever she wanted to go. JJ took right to it as well, though he tended to hold my hand and climb on my back for a short ride when tired. Pretty amazing to see this world with your kids.

The luau was awesome. Pulled pork and a fire dancing show...

The kids loved being buried.

Elia's hair turns curly every time we go somewhere humid.

JJ loved his snorkeling gear!

Kelly with a huge avocado. We ate lots of great local place where we had dinner called the Eastside was particularly awesome!

Just a great vacation...when do we go back?

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Wendy Berrell said...

Nice winter getaway. It's 15 F and snowing here right now.

Great pics.