Sunday, February 13, 2011


Think the staff would notice a guy with polarized glasses and a 9 ft 6 inch 7 weight?

I actually chucked a few flies from the beach already, landing a needlefish and a small barracuda. Saw a four ft long something swim by and changed to a big monster white streamer. A few minutes later a two ft long something chased the fly a few feet. No clue what either fish was, other than a promising start.
Best part was that the kids saw both fish I landed. They were collecting rocks, etc just a few feet away. Great start to a vacation.


testflycarpin said...

Your gonna have to go total carp-ninja for those Koi. 1:00AM, Black garb, infared goggles etc.

Have fun and good luck with the 4' something-or-others.

Unknown said...

I never caught a carp on a fly but this year I'll have a go. I believe that you website will help me to get my goal to catch a carp on the fly.

Have a nice vacation.

John Montana said...

The sad thing is, as I stare off the balcony and look at the napping, sun high...all I can think about is that when I last walked by the koi pond they were almost all TAILING! Violently...

I should go chuck some flies while the kids nap, but we are all still a little travel worn and duke/Miami tips off in five minutes. Teusday I have a guide taking me for some bonefish. Hope to get my first.

Wendy Berrell said...

I bet by now you've put a fly on those koi.