Saturday, July 23, 2011

Have you seen your backing lately?

I have.

No huge fish to hand today but I had a 16 lber go farther into my backing than any fish I have ever hooked. Just a crazy hot fish. 15-18 lb carp seem to be the apex athletes out here...they will crush you, while the really big girls just bulldog a bit.

Man do I love catching carp on the fly!


Auglaize Fly Shop said...

I love a running carp more than anything, but I haven't had one take me into my backing yet this year. Where I catch carp there's a barrier that keeps them from running that far. Now my Bigmouth Buffalo spot on the other hand is in the open and I've seen my backing a lot lately. By the way, I love the blog. Great to see a fellow fly fisherman who chases them golden behemoths!

testflycarpin said...

Been about a month now that you mention it. What the heck??!!