Saturday, July 02, 2011

Us carp fisherman need to stick together...with that in mind, take a moment to donate to the Denver Trout Unlimited Carp Slam!  Drop a few dollars on the competitor of choice...For the record, I had to back McTage with my donation this year...sorry MG but the "Mctage method" of catching smallmouth on the fly must have brought at least a dozen nice smallies to hand for Wendy Berrell and I on Lake MI.  That kind of priceless info tipped the scales.

And how do I get one of those cool shirts? 


Fontinalis Rising said...

Next time you make it to MI let me know and we'll head out- carp, smallies, trout, you name it.

John Montana said...

Will do! Great water you guys have.

testflycarpin said...

Totally missed this, I was gone for the holidays. Thanks for the shout out for a good cause John!