Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Quick recap, day two and three

My arm is shot. We hit a short, two mile long river in day two that gets about 500,000 spawning sockeye. I think all of those sockeye were in the first half mile of river, along with an equal number of arctic char and rainbow following them to eat eggs. We caught countless char...and I mean countless. The biggest char was 26.5 inches, and the biggest rainbow was 25 inches. Most of the fish were between 18-22 inches, but the numbers were scary. The last third of the day, our guide Tyler told me I was no longer allowed to fish blind...I had to spot a fish and call my shot to make things interesting. It barely slowed me down a stood in the front of the boat wailing on char, and I stalked the shallows nearby sight fishing to big char laying behind the sockeye. What a day.

Day three we chased coho...once again, we caught too many fish too count. Dad and I both landed one in the 16 lb range but most of the fish were around twelve. We caught fish stripping big lead eyed pink marabou after fish. Late in the day, I switched it up and managed one on a popping foam dry fly...the highlight of the day for me.

Dad and I are having an amazing time in what is simply an incredible place. More to come, off for big rainbows tomorrow.

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n.taylor said...

It has been 48 hours John, we are anxiously awaiting another update...