Monday, September 05, 2011


What a start. First off, the lodge has WIFI. I was secretly terrified I wouldn't be able to communicate with my wife, but we have been emailing since I arrived Sunday. Secondly, this amazing. Full reports and pictures will trickle in slowly because I quite simply don't have the words right now. The sheer scope of this state is beyond comprehension in just a few days of wandering. We fished our first "full" day today on the copper river and dad and I slayed rainbows left and right. Epic fits. Salmon everywhere (I caught one) and every good drift behind a salmon meant a rainbow in the 18-24 inch range. Sick, sick fishing. Both evenings after "dinner" (nearly a five star affair, Liz is amazing) I have rigged up and chased grayling on caddis patterns in front of the lodge. In two sessions, I am probably in the 60 fish range...most are 13-16 inches, and I have topped out at 19 (tonight). Like I said, sick, sick fishing.

Tomorrow I hope to get a big char. Alaska is a special place.


murphyfish said...

I am not jealous in the slightest, honest

christopher said...

I'm seriously Jonesing to go back to AK.
Keep up the reporting so I can fish vicariously.
Did you get the wireless SD card for pics?
I hit the Death March yesterday, and apparently you taught me something; 7 eats, 5 good hookups, 3 landed (7#-13#). 20+# broke me off after 3 min in the weeds : (

testflycarpin said...

You are having a great year for travel trips that is for sure, but did I read correctly that you are averaging 18 to 24" bows? That is unreal! Good luck on the arctic char, they sounds cool.

Ty said...

Killing me over here, man. Absolutely killing me. Can't wait to see the pics.

John Montana said...

Another unreal day. I have no clue how many fish we caught, but the biggest char was 26 1/2 inches, and biggest rainbow 25 inches. The fishing is unreal. Most fish today were 20-22 inches, a few smaller but almost all the char are that size. Sick, sick fishing.