Sunday, December 11, 2011

My New Stick

You simply can't go wrong with an Echo.  This year, rather than let cabin fever set in I am going to chase some coastal fish.  I am not really into swinging heavy stuff on the big rivers, but smaller water, seams, nymphs and a new 10 ft 10 inch switch rod seems to be the recipe for avoiding the shack nasties while I wait for spring.  Who knows...I might actually catch something.

By the way...I simply can't say enough good things about Don and River City Fly Shop.  Don has  been my go to guy for a few years now and if you live in the Portland area and love fly fishing, you simply owe it to yourself to stop in and say hello.  Best shop around.  

Now all I need is someoneto show me how to catch these goofy winter fish on the coast.  Any volunteers?  I can't cast worth a shit but I always buy lunch.

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