Saturday, December 10, 2011

Over on Facebook

Fishpond is having another contest.  I got a win earlier this week thanks to that way to cute daughter of mine, but it is time to try for more.  The contest is for the biggest fish you caught this year.  There are some sturgeon and other gear caught pics up, so I hope they stick with fly caught only, but overall there are some sweet fish pics on that thread.  Check it out:

So, what to put up?  My banner fish I caught with Mctage?  A true beast at 31 lbs...this fish was a literal beer keg in my hands.
Or this Alaskan monster like...special because it was virtually incidental which speaks to just how insane the state of Alaska really is.

Either way, check out the thread on Facebook for some sweet pictures. 

And one more plug for St Jude's!  Click the link and donate away people!

Every $10, $25, $50, or $100 donation goes to the kids!  Skip one trip to the fly shop and you can make a difference!

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