Sunday, April 01, 2012

Looking for a beginner--fly give away

I remember it well: first day on the water with a "real" fly fisherman and the big difference between us? I had about twelve flies in a foam box and the other guy came armed with a full on arsenal. Starting out, getting a decent amount of flies is tough. So here are 90 some that need a new home.

Disclaimer, I tied most of them, so they probably suck, but I tried to lay out a decent variety here. Of course, they are and will be carp centric, but let's be honest...trout aren't that smart anyway and will eat damn near anything. I think a guy could find flies for any situation in this batch, except no dainty dry flies. Hell, there is even a big old pike streamer in there.

One more disclaimer...nearly all of these have been fished, which probably means they have been inside a fish's mouth. There are probably still bits of tippet attached to more than a few as well.

So if you are a new fly fisherman heading into your first or second season and looking at an empty fly box drop me a line. I would prefer to give them locally so I can meet up and tell you what I use for what, but mostly, I just want to help a newer guy fuel the addiction. Hoping someone sees this, and wants a bunch of used, but well loved flies.


Gregg said...

That's super decent of you John. We have a local youth group here that I could help provide for, good food for thought. Though, I provide for my kids, their friends, my grandkids, the occasional Jr. High student I meet that takes an interest, my wife just reminded me. Those look very nice to this guy.


ridderbos3 said...

very cool of you!!

Devin Angleberger said...

That is very considerate of you. I am a relatively beginner fly fisher, like 1 year, and it has really interest me. I'm a freshman in high school, you can check out my fishing/fly fishing blog at I have caught plenty of Carp on spin gear, I plan to catch a couple on the fly this year, it's in my To Do list. Hope you check it out!

Ty said...

Wow. Somebody is about to get a box full of serious carp mojo.