Saturday, June 29, 2013

Carp-ocalypse 2013

Just over a month away! Get over to Orvis in Portland or Bellvue to sign up. Last year was a blast, and this year promises to be bigger, better, and even more fun. Keep tabs on Facebook, and bring your A game to the river. Big C carp are tougher than you think, but we won't lack for targets, and the loot...yeah, the loot is going to be pretty good. Orvis has fancied up one of their already fancy (and outstanding) Helios 2 rods so the winner will be able to show off a one of a kind Carp-ocalypse emblazoned rod! The H2 is my go to rod out here, read my review here.

I hope to see carpers from all over show up on the river and give the big C carp a shot! Stop in or call the store to sign up!

And don't forget to head over to Orvis's Carp Central to see the latest photo contests and events...get entered, win some cool stuff (including another H2 up for grabs!)




Unknown said...

Hey John,

A buddy just shared your site with me. Fucking cool man! I've always wanted to fish Michigan but I see you're up in Oregon? I'm currently adding content and updating my website and was wondering how you like blogspot? I'm thinking of switching over when/if I get to it. Learning hoe to edit video now. If you're ever out this way, let me know. We have Flaming Gorge as my favorite "local" reservoir which has fish up to 40lbs and clear water and finally getting low again. I've always wanted to fish Lake Powell and Mead as well. Anyway, I'll keep checking your site. I'm off to FL Saturday for some Tarpon fishing. I have a flats skiff out here (Colorado)for carping!

John Montana said...

Thanks Chris! Blogger is ok...I use Facebook a lot as well...just easier. Good luck on the tarpon!