Saturday, June 01, 2013

Hal and Teri

Spent a nice day with Hal and Teri. Hal had won the silent auction at the FlyFishers Club of Oregon that Teri set up...frankly, it freaked me out that a day with me got any bids, so I was feeling a little pressure. The good news is that both Hal and Teri were awesome! They had no problem spotting fish and in short order were detecting takes like big C vets! They both got into some nice fish...Hal had a couple of shots at serious (and I mean SERIOUS) big C carp.To top off a good day with great company, Teri made us a fantastic lunch..smoked salmon, homemade chicken salad and cookies? On the river? kicked ass. Thanks Hal and Teri!




testflycarpin said...

Cookies, Lunch? COOKIES? Yer kidding me. She is gonna make us all look bad. Last time you took me out I think I bought you a candy bar.

John Montana said...

Hah...yeah Trevor, this was a little unusual! Pretty nice to be pampered.

Mr. P. said...

Sounds like a fun trip, John. I bring a Clif Bar for lunch and think I'm doin' pretty dang good. A packed lunch? Hmmm...Will you be packing us a lunch the next time we fish, John?