Friday, April 11, 2014


Fly fisherman like their backing dirty and wet. Thank goodness there are carp around!

That shit won't be white for long on one of my reels! Great day today.




Gregg said...

Awesome stuff as I might suspect from you. Putting the glass to good use I see!


testflycarpin said...

They gotta be getting a little too spunky for the glass experiment to continue though right?!?!?!

The Great Lakes of NYC said...

There is almost no limit to what can be done with a fiberglass fly rod. I've fished fiberglass rods by underlining and over lining them.
The slower flex, the ability to bend and not break make it a versatile
weapon for carp.

John Montana said...

It is just a TON of fun to fish trevor...but it is probably time to get the h2 and mirage out. I will have to break the glass out occasionally fun to leave it cased.

Carp Aficionado said...


Unknown said...

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