Sunday, June 01, 2014


Quick interlude from the Wendy Berell reports...I got out for a solo day today, and it was a doozy. I texted Dan and Jutin early am and said "a 17 and some small males". Then I got serious. I landed two fish over 20 lbs, and because I didn't want to forget the weights I started making notes after I would weigh the fish. I only weighed fish that I thought were close to or over 20 lbs. These are my notes.












Add in the 17 I weighed first, and that is 12 fish, total weight of 248 lbs, an average per fish of 20.6 lbs! I have caught 4 fish over 20 on the big C before, but 7 is a monster number...honestly I still can't believe it. I took a few crappy photos, but I was pretty focussed on fishing. I caught a ton of other fish as well, but as the day went on I was only interested in putting another big one on the board, I even broke off a few fish when I was losing control of them and they were running down the bank into more carp. It was just an incredible day of carp on the fly. Most of the fish ate the hybrid, but I got fish on the trouser worm as well. Those are the only two flies I fished all day.

Pretty sure that fish was the 25, but I only took a few photos and my brain was a little scrambled!

I got two 20 lbers out of that group of fish. Pulled the first one off the edge, and somehow snaked a fly in amongst the remaining fish to the biggest one I could see after I released the first fish.

Just a crazy day. The single best day of carp on the fly I have ever had on the Columbia river.




spearyhopper said...

Did you see McTage's post about state records? Oregon has no state record for carp? Go set that thing, IGFA certification is a bit of a hassle, but not that bad. You already do enough documentation of oyu r fish, you just need a certified scale and nice leader.
Do it up!

John Montana said...

Or doesn't recognize carp...hence no records. I don't have a ton of interest in messing with the igfa either...there are some big carp out here!

trashfisher said...

Epic day for sure! I hope to get into some fatties like that soon!

testflycarpin said...

hahaha - how many times have you had to answer the record question now? I hope you are annoyed at me, serves you right for making me so jealous. Seven. Seven? SEVEN?!?!?!?!

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Unknown said...

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