Friday, June 13, 2014

The deep edge

The glory and grandeur of carp on the fly usually happens in shallow water. We love finding crawlers and tailers...hunting for carp in knee deep water gives you the best chance of actually catching a carp. That said, this year has reminded me to keep an eye on that deep edge. On several occasions this year, a glance to the deep side has turned up a feeding fish. On a solo day recently, I made it a point to fish the area by zigging and zagging my way up the river. I wandered in and out of the knee deep water, making sure to get out waist deep and check the edges. It is more work than a straight line designed to spot fish in the shallows, but work pays off. Granted, you might not see as many fish in the deep stuff, but the ones you do see are usually bigger than the ones hanging out shallow.




Christopher Pepe said...

Still sight or blind casting to them? My timing is getting better but man its hard to know when to set the hook even when you can see their mouth

John Montana said...

I only cast to fish I can see Christopher. Really tough to catch them blind on the Columbia. They just don't move far for a fly. I spot em, put a fly on them and watch the tail.

Mr. P. said...

Good stuff as always, John.

Unknown said...

As you play with the streamer keep in mind that any fly will always attempt to rest directly below the fly rod tip.

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