Saturday, September 01, 2012

JJ vs smallmouth bass


Had a little father/son adventure today...of course that involved dirt, water, fish...oh, and Panga.

JJ is simply a great companion. He has a lot to say...interesting things like "dad, if you could have one superpower, what would it be?" He remarks on everything around him, is fascinated by dirt...yes, dirt. He simply loves to get wet, dirty, and muddy. If something moves, he wants to catch it. If something is fuzzy, he wants to pet it. If there is a tree, or cliff, or mud bank, or stump...he wants to climb it. I just love my kid.

And he fishes. Granted, fishing is not at the top of his priority list (see above) but he is adept with a spinning rod and can wing jigs all over the river. This usually lasts a few minutes, then he gets distracted by doing what he loves...even simply fording the river repeatedly. I just watch him, and when he sets down his rod I pick it up, wing jigs around while listening and watching. When I hook a fish, he is all interest again and gets down to business fighting the fish. This works for us...and is in stark contrast to my daughter Elia (who when fishing is totally and completely concentrated on her rod and the fish).

Right now, both of my kids are happy to join me in my passions. We go fishing, have adventures and get dirty, hot, wet, sunburnt, etc. together. It is glorious. Some day I realize that we might not all share the same passions, though my passion for being with my kids will never end. Somehow, I doubt JJ will ever stop being such a good companion either...nor will he be able to avoid petting every fuzzy creature he comes across.



trashfisher said...

That's so great. And there is a whole branch of science dedicated to dirt so JJ's fascination with it could become a potential life long thing.

Ty said...

Love it. Great stuff John.

e.m.b. said...

Dig this so much! And that's a heck of a nice smallmouth. Nice!