Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Many Thanks


I won't attempt to list the people to whom I owe a great debt for the love, support, and help this past week. I would surely end up missing someone and kicking myself for it later, but thanks to you all. My dad was well loved, and never was that more apparent than last night. We planned for roughly 200 people to attend, and instead were faced with a horde of loving friends and family. Grouse Mountain eventually asked us to shut down the reception line, as it stretched down the hall, blocked the entrance to the bar, restaurant, and foyer and carried on into the parking lot and round about out front. According to the lodge, over 600 people came through the doors. It was truly amazing to see so many people there to say goodbye to my dad. My sisters, mom and myself were carried along all evening by a room that was filled with love and laughter...as I said last night (or at least tried to say):

My dad would have loved it.

Thanks to you all...

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