Saturday, September 29, 2012

Toothy Critter

One doesn't often think of salmon as toothy critters, but this old chinook had quite a set of canines. Personally, I would hate to get caught in a territorial battle with one of these guys. My green yarn fly likely didn't enjoy it much either...this guy liked his space.

Unfortunately, the coho were absent. I didn't even see a fish roll, so I was thankful for the chinook for breaking up the monotony. First salmon of the season for felt pretty good.

with the weather holding and the coho hiding in the big river waiting on rain, I plan on getting out for carp one more time this year.



Brent Wilson said...

Nice! Man can not live on carp alone.

testflycarpin said...

Whoa, never seen one with chompers like that! Hope you brought some forceps to that battle.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Those teeth are pretty nuts.

Gregg said...

Good job! Hope it fought well.