Thursday, December 13, 2012

Carp Pro

Issue #1, the all fly fishing issue is out!


Check it out at Carp Pro!



Michael said...


A very nice and informative article about carpfishing on the fly.
I am from the Netherlands an I am a carpfisher. As you might know, in europe carpfishing is huge among recreational fishing. Most fisherman have great respect for the carp and treath it with a lot of care. Flyfishing on carp is not a big thing over here. Mostley carpfishing is done with 2 to 4 rods with longdistance-systems in combination with boilies as a bait. There is a smaller group of carpfisherman who realy stalk the carp with just one rod, a waggler/float and a bit of mais or other particles. I prefere this last way of fishing. We mosteley fish with a baitpresentation on the bottom of the lake/river or whatever. In the summer there also is a small group of carpanglers who try to catch carp on the surface. In that case we mostley use a breadcrust, pallet or drifting catfood as bait. But fishing with the fly almost never is our way of fishing.

Because I think it is great what you do, I wrote a little of your kind of fishing on my (new) blog:

Keep up the good work and all the best from a follower from the other side of the ocean.

Michael Schaper

John Montana said...

Thanks Michael! I hope all is well in the Netherlands!

Scott said...

Well written article John. Great techniques, tactics, and overall color in the article. Write MORE.

Scott T