Monday, December 10, 2012

CATCH Fly Fishing

Big thanks to the crew over at CATCH for saving a spot on their fly design team for me. They have some serious talent on there with Gregg Martin, Adam Hope, Mark Erdosy and Trevor I suppose they could afford to add me!

Looking forward to a series of great carp flies! CATCH has also partnered with Carp Pro, lots of good things in the works.



Brent Wilson said...

Nice!! They picked a great line up.

Unknown said...


Looks like you need some decent hooks too!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ha!!!!

Best Wishes.

FishnDave said...

Congratulations, John! Well-deserved!

Gregg said...

They're geeting quality and experience with this man! Sweet!


testflycarpin said...

Cool. Very very cool.

Ty said...

Congrats man!