Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Catch has a few prototypes in hand, and before too long they will start to sell a few of my go to flies. I am more than a little nervous, I hope they actually sell some!

Hybrid worm/soft hackle

Granted, it ain't too pretty, but it works!




trashfisher said...

We know these work on carp so they should sell.

testflycarpin said...

Well, seeing as how you catch more and bigger carp than just about anybody in the country...I will take some!

Unknown said...

Wow! that is a big freaking fish!

Gregg said...

Give me a break! What great minds catch such large fish? They'll fly of the shelves.


Unknown said...

If you promise me that it will catch fish (on the end of my line, not yours) I'll buy some!