Saturday, February 25, 2006

A couple of carp related items.

One, I'm retiring my boga grip. It works fine for smaller fish, but the heavier guys (which i'd rather catch!) often end up with ripped lips, and damaged mouths. I figure you should respect the fish, so I'm dumping the grip. I still want to be able to weigh these beasts, as half the fun is chasing a fish big enough to be measured in pounds, rather than inches! With that in mind I just picked up one of these:

I think this should solve the dilemma nicely!

Two, I'm going to pitch in and tie some flies for my friend Andy "AP Emerger's" carp on the fly presentation coming up next week. Here is a link to a Westfly thread with the details:;f=4;t=017143

Scott and I will be doing the tying, and Andy (the OR carp expert who got me started) will be doing the teaching! Should be a fun event, I hope we get a nice turnout. I'll tie the Carp Wooley, and the Crayfish pattern that are my top two flies for carp.

Hope to see some people next week at Andy's presentation!

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Wendy Berrell said...

Nice move re boga grip. I bet you could make back most of your money spent if you sold it.